Hearing Aids and Audiology Services

At Premiere Audiology we strive to offer you a wide variety of choices of hearing aids and offer a full range of audiology services. We work with many hearing instrument manufacturers so you can find the right hearing instrument for you at a price you are comfortable with.

Try before you buy!

Unlike most providers we give you the opportunity to try out devices to ensure that you get just the right solution for maximum comfort.

For Healthcare Providers

Premiere Audiology also works directly with healthcare service providers to provide hearing solutions to their existing clientele. If you are a provider and are interested in learning about partnering with Premiere Audiology please contact us.

How we can help.

  • Diagnostic testing for children and adults
  • Hearing instrument fitting
  • House calls available
  • Assistive technologies
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Hearing loss counseling
  • Second opinions
  • Hearing instrument cleaning
  • Evening and weekend appointments available